Horses with a Mission

Extraordinary True Stories of Equine Service

By Allen and Linda Anderson

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Photographs of Horses Featured in Horses with a Mission


Miles and Sankofa

Barbara’s Cherokee

Tanya's Viola

Molly with Kaye (left) and Makaila Valentine at Camp Rap-A-Hope for children cancer survivors

 Karen’s Diana on far right, © Weldon Lee, photographer

Sheila & Chevy

Laura’s Piper

Renée’s Cholla

Vanessa’s Pegasus

 Jodi’s Butch, © Beth Fox, photographer

Kimberly's Took

Karen’s Blondie

Cooky’s son, Chris and Peanut

Kim’s portrait of Destiny’s Avenger © Kim McElroy

Sally’s Riley, © Gary Alan Kalpakoff, photographer

Mary and Li’l Man




A Selection of Horses with a Mission’s Contributing Authors,
Story Descriptions, Photos, Websites, and Video Clips



Molly with Kaye (left) and Makaila Valentine at Camp Rap-A-Hope for children cancer survivors

For the first time, this is Kaye and Molly’s story in Kaye’s own words with the details of Molly’s groundbreaking surgery at Louisiana State University Equine Clinic, miraculous recovery with a prosthetic device to replace her chewed-off leg, and current mission of bringing hope and joy to children’s hospitals, seniors, people with disabilities, and the New Orleans’s Katrina survivors.

 CBS Evening News “The Little Three-Legged Pony That Could” at





Visit Molly the Pony at



Miles J. Dean, "Sankofa, the Horse Who Rewrote History" A wise-beyond-his-years Arabian stallion made it possible for social studies teacher Miles J. Dean to complete a cross-country journey in tribute to African American ancestors. His goal was to heighten the awareness about Black Cowboys and the contributions of African Americans. Millions of adults and school children followed their odyssey as Miles and Sankofa made history come alive.

As a teacher, Miles was frustrated by how poorly the textbooks covered the contributions of African Americans. He brought hope and inspiration to millions with his podcasts from the road, the interviews he conducted of experts at Black colleges, and presentations for schools along the course of his journey.

Miles's story was covered by the Star-Ledger, statewide New Jersey newspaper published in Newark, with podcasts called "Where's Miles Dean?" on Miles is planning another trip in 2011.






New York City Author Shows That Horses Make Conscious Choices

Radio host and certified equine specialist Christianna E. Capra of New York City is the author of “Finding My Passionate Purpose with Spring Thaw”.  Capra tells how adopting an Appaloose/thoroughbred-cross gelding from New York’s legendary Claremont Riding Academy and developing a deeply spiritual bond with him inspired her to get into Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning. Capra is trained in the EAGALA system and is executive director and cofounder of Spring Reins of Hope (getting to the horse of the matter).


Since the publishing of the story, "Finding My Passionate Purpose with Spring Thaw", featured in Horses with a Mission the purpose has come to fruition in the official launching of the Equine Assisted Therapy program Spring Reins of Hope.  See the announcement below:

Spring Reins of Hope
Getting to the Horse of the Matter

Spring Reins of Hope (SROH) is a ground-breaking program offering Equine Assisted services which are designed to generate personal resources and empowerment. At Spring Reins of Hope we are committed to improving people’s lives both personally and professionally. The field of Equine Assisted work is growing at a rapid pace with marked results. Founded in 2009, Spring Reins of Hope offers both Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP for personal growth) and Equine Assisted Learning (EAL for professional growth).  Horses, which are herd bound prey animals, are a perfect choice to serve as gentle guides in this arena due to their inherent ability to increase self-awareness and generate opportunities for resiliency. All exercises are un-mounted and no horse experience is necessary to benefit. Please join us and explore the various services we offer. On a Zephyr Wind the horses patiently await your arrival.  



 Karen's Diana (right) with two other wild horses
Weldon Lee,
All Rights Reserved.



Sally Heins, “Riley’s Greatest Gift.” Sally became close to Riley who arrived at the sanctuary as an injured horse. Riley had to have her leg amputated. She was fitted with a prosthesis and showed extreme bravery and a will to live as experimental procedures helped her to walk again. Riley’s prosthesis enabled Best Friends Animal Society ( veterinary staff in Kanab, Utah to show vets and others that a prosthetic device is an option to euthanization for some horses. The story contains important criteria to help determine if a horse is a good candidate for a prosthesis.

Slide Show Tribute to Riley at

Sally is the lead vet tech for the large animal departments at Best Friends Animal Society. Riley made veterinary medical history with her unique prosthesis and was covered in media throughout the United States and in England and Japan. Read about "Riley's Legacy at




Tanya Welsch's Viola
Photo by Michael Crouser




"Under the Wings of Pegasus" An unhappy older horse finds his bliss and his calling by giving guidance and protection to young horses.

Vanessa Wright has an equestrian exhibit, The Literary Horse: When Legend Comes to Life (, touring the nation's libraries. She has a MEd from Harvard, BA from University of Chicago and is certified by American Riding Instructors Association.




Cooky McClung's son Chris and Peanut

Cooky's story was the grand prizewinner in the Angel Horses with a Mission True Story Contest.



Annette Fisher, "Rocky, the Rescued Horse Who Is Changing a Community." Annette and her nonprofit organization, Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary, rescued an injured young Percheron as part of their Amish Horse Retirement Program, and the horse has become such a success story that he's furthered their efforts to work with the local Amish community and rescue more horses.

Annette is executive director of Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary (, dedicated to spreading compassion and kindness for all animals, including farm animals and horses.

The organization has a popular sponsorship program where city-folk travel to Ravenna, Ohio to visit a farm animal they are sponsoring.




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Celebrity Endorsements


Click to purchase Horses with a Mission: Extraordinary True Stories of Equine Service

"This collection ofstories will remind anyone who has ever had a horse as a best friend,confidante, and soul mate of what a special gift that can be."
--Carson Kressley, Emmy Award-winning TV host, designer, and author of
Off the Cuff

Annette’s Rocky

"With hearts and minds open, we can learn from the wild and domesticated horses in this wonderful book."
--Joe Camp, author of The Soul of the Horse and creator of the films starring the canine superstar Benji

Meagan’s Charlie

"You don't need to be an avid equestrian like me to truly enjoy this book, as the stories resonate with a spirit of hope and harmony that is shared by all creatures great and small."
--Alison Eastwood, actress, director, and producer (Clint Eastwood’s daughter)

Sam & Saki

"Through their courage, sensitivity, and kindness, the horses in this book become our inspiration and guides."
--Michael Mountain, former president of Best Friends Animal Society

Christianna and Spring Thaw, © Michael Colavito, photographer

"Horses with a Mission is an important book, one that will spark your imagination and inspire you to embrace the magical moments in life that happen every single day. It also reaffirms what any genuine horse lover knows: that these sentient creatures deserve our respect. This book was a joy to read."
Melanie Sue Bowles, author of The Horses of Proud Spirit and Hoof Prints: More Stories from Proud Spirit and founder of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary

Steve’s Frostbite

“The spiritual and physical bond between horses and the humans who love them often reaches mystical proportions. Nothing celebrates that very special relationship more movingly or with greater clarity than Horses with a Mission.”
--Steven D. Price, editor of The Whole Horse Catalog and 1001 Best Things Ever Said about Horses

Tanya's Viola

"Horses are the focal point of our lives here We cover these extraordinary athletes on a daily basis, but I think sometimes we all tend to lose focus on what wonderful creatures they really are. Horses with a Mission allows us to travel into the world of the horse from so many unique perspectives, and it introduces us to horses that have touched and changed the lives of so many people. To have our own writer, Cooky McClung featured in this wonderful work, makes it all that more fun. It's a fabulous read."
Mason Phelps, Jr., president,

Pauline’s Peen

"Many pets are here on this earth to help humans in the journey of life. Horses, with their primal nature as prey animals, daily make choices to override their fears, get past traumas, and put themselves in danger to be one with the humans who love them. The stories in this book are great examples of the power of unconditional love, which I am reminded of every day in my work helping clients."
--Lydia Hiby, animal communicator

"As an equine professional teaching in seven countries for over forty years, I have read and witnessed many inspirational, magical, and wonderful interactions between horses and humans. Horses with a Mission is an exceptional collection of such stories. The contributors show fine writing abilities and talent and share the deep appreciation and love they have for their equine counterparts. Bravo. Enjoy!"
--Franklin Levinson,

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