Horses with a Mission

Extraordinary True Stories of Equine Service

By Allen and Linda Anderson

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Photographs from Horses with a Mission


Barbara’s Cherokee

Miles and Sankofa

Mary and Li’l Man

Tanya's Viola

Molly with Kaye (left) and Makaila Valentine at Camp Rap-A-Hope for children cancer survivors

 Karen’s Diana on far right, © Weldon Lee, photographer

Sheila & Chevy

 Jodi’s Butch, © Beth Fox, photographer

Kimberly's Took

Karen’s Blondie

Cooky’s son, Chris and Peanut

Kim’s portrait of Destiny’s Avenger © Kim McElroy


Celebrity Praise for Horses with a Mission





"This collection of stories will remind anyone who has ever had a horse as a best friend, confidante, and soul mate of what a special gift that can be."
--Carson Kressley, Emmy Award–winning TV host, designer, and author of
Off the Cuff






"This brilliant compilation of lovely and touching stories reflects upon the remarkable connection between humans and equines. You don’t need to be an avid equestrian like me to truly enjoy this book, as the stories resonate with a spirit of hope and harmony that is shared by all creatures great and small."
--Alison Eastwood, actress, director, and producer (Clint Eastwood’s daughter)







"Horses with a Mission is an important book, one that will spark your imagination and inspire you to embrace the magical moments in life that happen every single day. It also reaffirms what any genuine horse lover knows: that these sentient creatures deserve our respect. This book was a joy to read."
Melanie Sue Bowles, author of The Horses of Proud Spirit and Hoof Prints: More Stories from Proud Spirit and founder of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary



“The spiritual and physical bond between horses and the humans who love them often reaches mystical proportions. Nothing celebrates that very special relationship more movingly or with greater clarity than Horses with a Mission.”
Steven D. Price, editor of The Whole Horse Catalog and 1001 Best Things Ever Said about Horses






"Many pets are here on this earth to help humans in the journey of life. Horses, with their primal nature as prey animals, daily make choices to override their fears, get past traumas, and put themselves in danger to be one with the humans who love them. The stories in this book are great examples of the power of unconditional love, which I am reminded of every day in my work helping clients."
--Lydia Hiby, animal communicator






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Photographs from Horses with a Mission



Annette’s Rocky

Sam & Saki

Meagan’s Charlie

Christianna and Spring Thaw, © Michael Colavito, photographer

Steve’s Frostbite

Tanya's Viola

Pauline’s Peen

Vanessa’s Pegasus

Sally’s Riley, © Gary Alan Kalpakoff, photographer

Laura’s Piper

 Renée’s Cholla


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